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Global Boatworks Obtains $750,000 Funding for Second Luxuria Class Vessel
January 23, 2017
Global Boatworks Luxury Vessel “Luxuria” is Complete
March 23, 2017
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Article Originally published at NTD.TV

Dubai is the location of the newest development of ultra-luxurious floating homes. A chain of man-made islands in Dubai known as “The World” is now home to a buoyant housing development. The homes will have underwater master bedrooms!

Known as the floating seahorse, the first fleet of the floating ‘Seahorse’ will cost $2.8 million. The developer, Kleindienst Group, has already sold over 60 Seahorses. The master bedroom is on the lower floor, below the surface of the water, kind of like a massive fish tank. Residents can watch the sea life swim by from bed. Or while taking a bath!

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