Global Boatworks, LLC (“the Company”) is a multifaceted boat-building and charter company that operates out of Pompano Beach, Florida.  The Company has previously built a highly successful charter vessel in Boston, and it has designed a state-of-the-art luxury floating vessel that it will launch in the South Florida market.  Global Boatworks will immediately build two flagship showcase models of its modern “Luxuria” luxury vessels, which features: Floor-to-ceiling windows; a chef-quality kitchen; spacious bedrooms; spa-like bathrooms; big-screen TV; a large deck; and two outboard engines.

They will be docked in exclusive marinas in South Florida and offered for short-term charters for vacationers, business travelers, and special events, etc.  This will simultaneously bring in a solid revenue stream and act as floating advertisements for fielding Custom Luxury Vessel orders.  At the Lauderdale Marine Center, Global Boatworks will craft the finest luxury vessels on the markets.

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